GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Actions While Being Mobbed At The Airport In Malaysia Showcases His True Personality

Jackson always worries about his fans.

GOT7‘s Jackson is currently making appearances at music festivals around the world to promote his new album Magic Man. Fans have been showing up at airport arrivals to greet the artist in huge numbers, sometimes leading to dangerous situations. Ahgases and Jackys are praising Jackson for his action during one such incident.

Following his appearance at Head in The Clouds in Pasadena, California, and his viral meet & greets around the United States, Jackson headed to Jakarta to perform at We The Fest. Fans enjoyed seeing the artist reunite with Afghan, who he collaborated  with for the track “M.I.A.”

Following his amazing performance, Jackson went to the airport to head to his next performance location, Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia. While departing from Jakarta, he had no major issues and was able to get through the airport with no problem.

Prior to his landing in Malaysia, videos shared of fans waiting showed a large crowd that seemed organized and left people hoping that his arrival would go smoothly.

Once the GOT7 member arrived, however, the situation quickly turned into a mob, with Jackson struggling to leave despite being surrounded by security.

In spite of all this, Jackson’s main concern was for the fans! He can be seen leaving the circle his guards made to help fans that fell over as well as telling guards to “calm down” and asking why they were pushing fans.

As the crowding got worse as he walked out of the airport, Jackson didn’t seem to mind and instead focused on taking as many letters from fans as they offered them.

Once he was able to leave, Jackson tweeted to thank fans for welcoming him to the airport and remind them to put their safety first when it comes to seeing him because it worried him.

While many praised Jackson’s actions, others were upset about him being in a dangerous situation and asked that fans show him the same consideration.

Jackson’s airport arrivals and departures are always eventful but he continues to be curtious and caring towards fans. Hopefully, the next time he is at an airport he will have a much safer time!

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