Ahgase Were Ready To Crown GOT7’s Jackson King After Learning What He Would Do As A Ruler

All hail king Jackson!

Jackson may play the part of the prince in GOT7‘s “Not By The Moon” MV, but let’s be real, Jackson is a full-blown king! He not only commands the stage and our hearts but he also always thinks of his fans and has many amazing leadership qualities. Then, of course, there is the fact that his last name “Wang” literally means king!

While Jackson definitely rules over our hearts, during episode 4 of GOT7’s Monograph “DYE”, Jackson was asked what he would do if he was actually crowned king and the answer not only was further proof that Jackson is 100% already a king but it alsoΒ had fans wanting to crown him king asap.

So what would Jackson do if he was a ruler? First things first he would make sure that Ahgase would get plenty of concerts and performances!

If I were a king, I’d have concerts with our fans every day! Concerts and performances every day. Free!

β€” Jackson

With concerts taken care of, next up on his kingly agenda would be to release plenty of content and goods for Ahgase with home delivery to each person.

We’d release a new album and good every day. I’d personally deliver it to every fan’s house if I became a king.

β€” Jackson

Sounds absolutely amazing, right? Well, unfortunately, Jackson isn’t an actual ruling monarch as he apologetically reminded us all.

If I were king. In reality, however, I am not. Sorry.

β€” Jackson

But with such an amazing list of decrees, it’s no surprise that fans are more than ready to actually crown him king.

Seriously, though. Can we make Jackson king because concerts, albums, and more every day sounds absolutely awesome! Check out Jackson’s thoughts on becoming a ruling king for yourself beginning at the 9-minute and 27-second mark below: