GOT7’s Jackson Just Wanted BamBam To Greet Fans During A Live But He Got More Than He Asked For

BamBam’s “greeting” had Jackson cracking up hard:

GOT7‘s Jackson and Yugyeom recently went live where they answered Ahgases’ questions, had some very cute interactions, and even talked about overcoming problems.


But partway through their broadcast, they suddenly found themselves with a guest, BamBam! When Jackson spotted BamBam entering the room, he quickly called out for BamBam to greet everyone watching the stream.


Although BamBam did give a quiet greeting, Jackson wasn’t so sure that anyone had heard him. So what did Jackson do? He asked BamBam to say it again only louder!

Hey, what up man?

— BamBam


This time, BamBam did amp up the volume but Jackson still wanted it to be a little bit louder. Once again, he asked BamBam to greet everyone loudly…


— BamBam


But Jackson may have gotten a little more than he bargained for! Instead of repeating with another “hi,” BamBam decided to drop one of his signature sounds instead! And with his bestie in the room, of course, Yugyeom chimed in too!


— BamBam


Meanwhile, Jackson may not have learned his lesson because when he asked BamBam to join in during the sign off…well…it happened again!


It might have been more than Jackson bargained for but it certainly made everyone’s day. Ahgase have been absolutely loving the moment and all its pure BamBam and Yugyeom-ness!


But who wouldn’t love it! It’s pure GOT7 cuteness!