MTV’s Bloopers Revealed Just How Much GOT7 Suffered Thanks To Jackson’s Chicken Smoothie 

Turns out Jackson’s smoothie was much, much worse!

GOT7 recently sat down with MTV News to share things about themselves that people might not know and Jackson‘s…erm…interesting breakfast smoothie definitely stood out the most. And while GOT7 definitely suffered in the main video, it turns out that was only part of their smoothie misery!


MTV just released a blooper reel from their time with GOT7 and while there are some downright cute moments from the clip, once again Jackson and his horror smoothie stole the spotlight!


From the moment Jackson started adding ingredients into the blender, Ahgase knew they were in for some good bloopers…


And Jackson certainly disappoint with his blender mishaps!


But it wasn’t just Jackson’s blender challenges that confirmed Jackson’s breakfast smoothie was the stuff of nightmares! Although fans had seen their “nope, this does not taste good” reactions before…


This time fans got an even closer look at their suffering at the hands of Jackson’s concoction of grapes, apples, oranges, cabbage, broccoli, and chicken!


Especially the misery of poor Mark!


Now we’re even more certain that this combination does not belong together in smoothie form…ever! Watch them endure the smoothie of despair in the blooper reel below: