GOT7’s Jackson Seriously Called Himself Out For Having Too-Short Pants And Ahgase Are Loving It

His short pants declaration has everyone cracking up hard:

Some styles are fabulous, some are sexy, some are comfy, and others are the perfect fit. While GOT7 Jackson‘s Music Bank style was definitely fabulous, sexy, and more, they weren’t the perfect fit and Jackson just couldn’t let it go!


For their “You Calling My Name” performance, GOT7 wore stunning all-white outfits that left Ahgase everywhere breathless!


But there was something a little different about Jackson’s suit — the pants were a little on the shorter side exposing his white socks!


And let’s just say that Jackson definitely noticed his short trousers! Ahgase who were at the prerecording for Music Bank noted that Jackson seemed to have a good laugh over his too-small pants with BamBam after performing.


He didn’t just have a good laugh at Music Bank though! Later, Jackson took to the official fan cafe and while he left a message for fans thanking them for coming to the show and cheering them on, he just couldn’t let those too-short slacks go! At the end of his post, he pointed out his pants and asked fans what they thought about them!


Since Jackson posed the question, he’s been getting a lot of responses both on the fan cafe and on Twitter with Ahgase cracking up hard at Jackson pointing out his short trousers…


And complimenting Jackson on his long legs!


Although Jackson’s slacks may have been a little on the small side, Jackson definitely still slayed the look!


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