GOT7 Jackson’s Concern For The Crew Who Came To Film Him At The Airport Is Warming Hearts

Jackson truly has the biggest heart around:

GOT7‘s Jackson is always opening his heart up to everyone and proving that he has the warmest personality around. His members, friends, and Ahgase have all gotten to experience Jackson’s incredibly big heart and recently, so too did the camera crew who came to greet him at the airport.

On February 27, Jackson was spotted at Incheon International Airport where he quickly captured everyone’s attention for his concern towards the reporters. As Jackson was being filmed leaving the airport, he looked directly at one of the crew members and made a gesture telling them to make sure they wear their masks.

As they continued walking and more reporters joined them, Jackson once again reminded them to stay safe and healthy by indicating they should wear masks.

If that wasn’t already sweet enough, when Jackson stopped for a mini-photo op, he asked everyone there if they had eaten yet!

These simple and yet oh-so sweet gestures have not only been capturing everyone’s attention but everyone’s heart too!

Jackson truly does have the biggest heart and he’s always ready to share it with everyone around him!

Witness the full heartwarming moment for youself below: