GOT7’s Jackson Couldn’t Stop Roasting Himself During His “EveryDATE” With Ahgase

And Ahgase loved every second of it!

GOT7 absolutely love to roast each other and will do just that whenever they get the opportunity to. And recently, Jackson realized he had the perfect chance to tease someone and decided to take it…even though that someone was himself!

While Ahgases have been gearing up for GOT7’s comeback, GOT7 have been making the wait a little bit easier and a whole lot sweeter by meeting fans live through their EveryDATE series.

Finishing up the week of “dates,” on April 19, Jackson met up with fans in his studio to chat and listen to music. Music, like say, GOT7’s awesome past releases! But revisiting the past, became the perfect opportunity for Jackson to troll himself!

It all started when Jackson queued up “Good”. While Jackson started bopping along to the song as it began playing but when it got to his part, he paused to take everything in…including that cute little laugh his past self had added to the song.

And once he’d noticed the laugh, well, Jackson just couldn’t let his past live it down! As soon as he’d registered the giggle, he paused the video and hilariously began questioning himself as to why he laughed!

What is that laugh at the end, Jackson? Why? What’s so funny Jackson?

— Jackson

That, however, was just the beginning of his roasting session! The next Jackson on his list? “Stay” Jackson!

What was that Jackson? Woo!

— Jackson

With “Good” Jackson and “Stay” Jackson receiving their fair share of teasing, “Boom X3” Jackson was about to get some too. And it didn’t take current Jackson any time at all to figure out how he wanted to roast his past self…

You ain’t ready for this one? No, Jackson! Everyone’s ready! When they’re listening to this song, when they put earphones in their ears, they can’t be more ready for this song!

— Jackson

Because he just couldn’t move past the very first line!

Everyone downloaded the album and clicked into this song. Having their earphones in and listening to this song. They can’t be more ready for this song. So what do you mean? Yes, they are!

— Jackson

While Jackson continued to roast himself as the “date” went on, Ahgase continued to crack up hard! And since the live ended, fans still haven’t been able to stop laughing!

You’ve got to love a man who can poke fun at himself! There’s still plenty more roasting where that came from so make sure to experience it for yourself in the video below: