GOT7’s Jackson Doesn’t Think It’s Possible For Him To Be Cute But Fans Beg To Differ

Ahgase were quick to point out that he’s cute and sexy!

GOT7‘s Jackson may be the king of duality, but he’s not quite ready to accept the fact that he can be sexy and cute all at the same time!

Recently, Jackson went live to chill and chat with Ahgase. While the whole live was pretty laid back, there was one subject that had Jackson immediately fired up. As Jackson read through fans’ comments, he stumbled on one asking him how he can be so cute!

With Jackson carefully reading through what the fan had posted, he was at a complete loss for words and once he’d finished, he sat back with a look of shock as he exclaimed, “What?

After taking a brief moment, Jackson tried to tell fans that it was impossible for him to be cute…

Stop. I’m not cute! I’m a whole man.

— Jackson

Tried but failed! Since fans are well-versed in Jackson’s abilities to go from heart-stoppingly sexy to heart-warmingly cute, they were having absolutely none of it! When they heard him say he couldn’t be cute, they came with plenty of receipts, even from the live itself, to prove their point that Jackson can be both sexy and cute!

Considering that Ahgase have been fighting JB for years to accept his sexy-cute title, there’s no way that Ahgase are going to let Jackson pretend like he isn’t cute too!