GOT7’s Jackson, EXO’s Lay, And UNIQ’s Wang Yibo Will Reunite On “Street Dance Of China 3” As Mentors

Fans are beyond excited to see the three friends together again!

After Youku made their latest announcement about Street Dance of China 3, everyone has been preparing themselves for some major talent, major visuals, and major friendship moments!

Over the past couple of days, Youku has been capturing everyone’s attention as the names as they began revealing the mentors for the third season of Street Dance of China. EXO‘s Lay was the first team captain to be confirmed before Youku revealed that GOT7‘s Jackson and UNIQ‘s Wang Yibo would also be team captains on the program.

With three major powerhouses now confirmed to take on mentor roles on the show, it’s really no wonder that everyone is freaking out about this particular combo!

Just think of all that talent!

Talents aside, however, there’s another reason why fans are particularly excited about this combo!

Jackson, Lay, and Yibo are all friends and have shared some pretty adorable interactions over the years. While they don’t often have the time to hang out due to their busy schedules, they do consistently steal hearts with their interactions!


The last time the three of them were spotted together was at the 2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony.

Since the confirmation news, fans have been sharing just how excited they are for all the talent, visuals, and friendship moments that are sure to be coming everyone’s way in the upcoming season.

Street Dance of China is a dance battle show which features teams led by celebrity team captains. In previous seasons, these captains chose talented dancers from a selection of contestants before facing off against one another in dance battles. The third season of the program with Jackson, Lay, and Yibo is set to premiere in July.