GOT7 Included Jackson In Their Mexico City Sendoff In The Sweetest Way Even If He Wasn’t There In Person

Jackson left the concert early because he was feeling unwell but he was still a part of the sendoff!

During GOT7‘s recent stop in Mexico City, Jackson was spotted feeling unwell and later left the concert early because of it. Although Jackson wasn’t there to do the sign off with his members or take the group photo with them, GOT7 made sure that he was still included.


As GOT7 were wrapping the concert up and getting ready to take their group picture with all the Ahgase present, Jinyoung began asking fans for anything they had featuring Jackson.


When he quickly spotted some items, he quickly went to retrieve them…


And they snapped their group photo with them!


BamBam held a Jackson T-Shirt up for everyone to see…


While Jinyoung held a photo of Jackson!


But that’s not all they did. When they snapped another photo together backstage, they also included one special sign that read, “Jackson, don’t be sick!


Fans have been melting over the incredibly sweet gesture and are loving how strong their bond truly is.


Meanwhile, Jackson recently updated fans on his health and sent a reassuring message that he’s getting better.