GOT7’s Jackson Once Revealed Jay B’s “Shower Habit”

Jackson teased Jay B quite a bit.

The GOT7 members love jokingly “exposing” each other, and during a fansign, Jackson spoke about Jay B‘s (formerly known as JB) “shower habit.”

GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7’s Jay B

At the fansign, Jay B was holding a doll of himself that was wearing just underwear. The members got playful and said this is how Jay B actually looks in the dorm, and Jay B quickly denied it.

| Hello, GOT7!/YouTube

Jackson then said that Jay B doesn’t even wear underwear in the dorm, and Jay B laughed and denied what Jackson said.

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According to Jackson, Jay B has a habit of showering with the door open! Jay B, however, denied this.

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Jackson then asked Jay B if he’s showered with the door unlocked, and Jay B honestly said that he has a few times. Jackson then laughingly said that there had been times where he entered the bathroom when Jay B was showering and called for him.

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Whenever Jay B turned, Jackson would get a “heart attack.” Jay B couldn’t help but laugh after Jackson shared this.

| Hello, GOT7!/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!