GOT7’s Jackson Was Once Asked What He Would Do If Both Jinyoung And Mark Were Drowning, Here’s How He Answered

Jackson struggled with this question!

GOT7‘s Jackson is known for his funny personality, and he gave a hilarious answer when asked what he would do if both Jinyoung and Mark were drowning.

GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7’s Jinyoung (Left) & Mark (Right)

Jackson was once asked who he would save between Jinyoung and Mark if both of them were drowning. Jinyoung and Mark decided to be a little playful and tried to get Jackson to pick them.

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Jackson thought about the question and suspensefully said, “I would jump into the water myself and save…

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Jackson then stopped and said that he knew he would “get in trouble” regardless of who he picked.

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Jackson then decided to “get out” of answering the question by pretending that he was bad at English and didn’t understand the question. After saying this, Jackson said that they should move on to the next question.

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The MC of the event decided to “help” Jackson and said that he would jump into the water himself and save all three of them!

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Here’s the full video below!