GOT7’s Jackson Found The Perfect Opportunity To Troll Jinyoung And Took It

He didn’t hesitate one second to take the opportunity:

GOT7 recently made a stop in Oakland, California for their Keep Spinning world tour and while they once again left everyone breathless with their performances, when it came to trolling they were on fire. Not only did BamBam trick everyone into dabbing with him, but Jackson also found the perfect opportunity to tease Jinyoung and didn’t hesitate for one second to take it!


GOT7 took everyone on a trip back to 2014 when they included “Follow Me” in their setlist at the concert. The time travel, however, wasn’t appreciated by everyone! In fact, Jinyoung was not having it at all!


Although Jinyoung was already feeling embarrassed enough, Jackson realized it was a golden opportunity…


And he didn’t waste one second to use it!


Which in turn led to Jinyoung playfully scolding Jackson.


With all that teasing going on, no wonder fans have been both cracking up and falling in love with the moment.