Jackson Learned GOT7’s Fitness Trainer Was A New Dad And His Reaction Was Too Precious

Jackson really is the sweetest:

GOT7‘s Jinyoung, Jackson, and Yugyeom recently headed to the gym for a livestream session. While the workout itself left us all feeling very attacked, there was one moment from the live that had everyone saying “aw, how sweet” instead!


The super sweet moment all started when Jackson introduced their trainer and thanked him for coming out with them to New York.


After he had officially been introduced, Jinyoung shared some news with Jackson and Yugyeom, their trainer was a brand new father! When they heard the news Jackson and Yugyeom immediately started applauding for the new dad and congratulating him.


But things got even cuter. When Jinyoung revealed that the baby had been born only a few days before they came to New York…


Jackson immediately apologized to their trainer for making him come along so soon after his daughter was born.


And when Jackson then said he wanted to invite the daughter to their concert but she was too young, he promised to work hard and keep in shape for when she’s old enough to see them perform!


The adorable moment has been making everyone feel incredibly soft so make sure you check it out for yourself in the video below: