GOT7’s Jackson Led The Maknae Line Into Pure Chaos With His Sudden Talent Show

Things got chaotic and fast:

Whenever GOT7 are together, chances are things are going to get pretty chaotic! And when Jackson decided to entertain the maknae line with a little mime work during the group’s IGOT7 6th generation photoshoot, of course, that’s exactly where things headed and fast!

In between shoots in the third episode of GOT7 OFFLINE, Jackson ultimately decided to have a little fun with Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Starting off by seriously impressing the maknae line with a little bit of elevator mime work…

Hey! Elevator!

— Jackson

He quickly added another act to his mini-talent show after a little prompting from his audience.

BamBam: Can you come up?

Youngjae: Escalator?

And of course, with Jackson leading the way, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom quickly followed in their hyung’s footsteps.

With that first bit of chaotic energy already causing a whole lot of laughter, Jackson decided a bit of extra flair to their escalator trick and began offering up some pointers.

As you go down you have to act differently. As you go down…

— Jackson

As Jackson giving them the go-ahead to let their chaotic sides run wild, they added a few extra pieces to their performance that had everyone bursting into laughter!

Who knew even a talent show could have so much chaotic energy? Well, that’s GOT7 for you!