GOT7’s Jackson Left Everyone Doubled Over In Laughter As He Took A Crash Course In Wine Serving

Even the teacher couldn’t stop cracking up:

In the latest episode of their Tourlog, GOT7 decided to get a taste of Paris by visiting a wine bar where they could learn all about wine from a sommelier.


Besides, learning about the proper way to serve wine, what an empty glass means in France, and how to open a bottle, the sommelier also gave Jackson a crash course in the art of serving wine. In Jackson’s case, he was tasked with serving Mark! As the sommelier guided Jackson through the first steps…

You hold the bottle like this to show the label. The consumer wants to see it.

— Sommelier


Even the sommelier couldn’t hold in his laughter as Jackson made sure that Mark got a really good look at the label by sticking the bottle right in Mark’s face!


With one part of his mission complete, Jackson was then tasked with properly pouring the wine. While he knew it wasn’t going to be easy…


With a quick flick of his wrist, Jackson successfully served Mark! But not before making everyone burst into laughter once again, by giving Mark one last really good look at the label!


Jackson’s wine serving crash course ended with a stamp of approval from the sommelier and a whole lot of laughs from GOT7 and Ahgase. Check out all of GOT7’s adventures in Paris along with Jackson’s sommelier days in the video below: