GOT7’s Jackson Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter With His Reaction To Getting A Massage

He even had their trainer cracking up:

As GOT7‘s Jackson experienced a post-workout massage, he had everyone bursting into laughter with his totally relatable yet so, so extra reaction!


After getting in a workout before their concert in a recent episode of their Tourlog, GOT7 cooled down with a good old massage with the help of a massage machine.


After wrapping up his own massage, Yugyeom saw something that he wanted — no needed — caught on camera


That something? Jackson’s reaction to his own massage!


As Jackson experienced the full power behind the massage machine, he soon had absolutely everyone, even their trainer, bursting into laughter with his totally relatable (yet so extra) reaction! 


And of course, Ahgase got a good laugh out of his experience too!


Experience Jackson’s hilarious reaction below: