Jackson And Mark Once Revealed The Hardship That Motivated Them To Work Even Harder And Debut With GOT7

This motivated both of them!

While GOT7‘s Jackson and Mark are currently successful artists, they didn’t have it easy when they were trainees.

GOT7’s Mark (Left) & Jackson (Right)

Jackson and Mark once revealed that nobody wanted to be on their team during their early trainee days. As the two revealed this, they let out some laughter.

| GOT7/YouTube 

Jackson then said that this isn’t a sad story and that it was understandable back then.

| GOT7/YouTube

Jackson shared that during their early trainee days, he and Mark hadn’t developed their skills that much yet.

| GOT7/YouTube

However, all of this motivated Jackson and Mark, and they began working even harder!

| GOT7/YouTube

Jackson and Mark’s hard work ended up paying off, as they both got to debut as members of GOT7!

| GOT7/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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