Jackson Put Mark’s Future Children In Jeopardy During GOT7’s Chaotic Choreography

Everything was going well until Jackson sacked Mark in the balls:

After an intense name tag survival dance practice, GOT7 decided to switch things up in the next round of their dance practice fun by switching parts of course! And while the usual part switch chaos was expected, Mark got an extra dose of it thanks to his switch with Yugyeom.


With Jinyoung ultimately winning the name tag survival game having ripped off the most tags, he was rewarded with keeping his original part. With Jinyoung out of the drawing, everyone else drew their names and while Jackson and Youngjae were lucky enough to pull their own names, everyone else geared up for the big switch.


As the dance practice started, everything was going smoothly. Like really smoothly!


But as they continued dancing, things went from completely smooth sailing to experiencing a little trouble.


But that little bit of trouble was only the beginning, especially for Mark! Having switched places with Yugyeom, Mark was in charge of catching Jackson’s leg and giving him a little liftoff for his spin. While Mark did “catch” Jackson, it was a catch…straight to the crotch. And that “catch” resulted in Mark yeeting Jackson far, far away!


As everyone realized what had happened complete chaos erupted. With their dance coming to a complete stop, Jackson rushed to make sure Mark was okay, JB looked like he was so done, and the maknae line couldn’t stop laughing!


Luckily, Mark was back on his feet in no time and able to finish up the dance practice with no more major incidents. You can watch all the chaos and more in the video below: