One IGOT7 Used Jackson’s Hot Visuals In The Perfect Way And Fans Are Loving It

Her fellow Ahgases are totally in love with her project!

K-Pop fans love to flex their creative fingers and the results are always stunning but when one Ahgase recently showed off her creative skills using GOT7‘s Jackson, the results were so perfect that her fellow fans went wild for it!


Recently a post has been going viral among the Ahgase community and it’s easy to see why. One fan who goes by @seonghwanarchy attended her country’s climate march with a very special signboard that not only combined the march’s meaning but also Jackson’s hotness!


Her “our planet is getting hotter than Jackson Wang” sign has been a huge hit among her fellow fans! Since she first posted the picture, it’s since gone majorly viral with many fans retweeting, commenting, and liking the post!


Of course, her fellow Ahgases have also been showing their love for the sign by cracking up…


Simply loving the fact that this was real…


And agreeing wholeheartedly!


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