GOT7 Jackson’s Plan To Beat A World Record Was So Genius Even The Judge Couldn’t Help Applauding Him

Although it didn’t fool anyone, even the judge had to applaud his plan:

While Guinness World Records might not have an official record for the most genius plan ever created, if they did, GOT7‘s Jackson definitely would have taken it with his brilliant and oh-so sneaky plan to beat one world record!

Through 1theK OriginalsKKINESS Challenge, idols can take on some of the strange, interesting, and fun records from Guinness. The challenge GOT7 would be taking on in the first half of their KKINNESS Challenge experience? Testing out their egg peeling skills to try and beat the 2.66-second record for fastest to shell one unpricked boiled egg.

After confirming that the eggs were real, GOT7 decided to do a quick test run of their peeling skills with…uh…mixed success.

With their practice round complete, Youngjae was the first member to take on the challenge and with some seriously quick peeling, Youngjae got close to beating the record!

Following Youngjae’s turn, however, things took a very chaotic turn with both Jinyoung and Yugyeom getting disqualified for destroying their eggs…

And JB causing all sorts of applause with his turn!

With all that chaos running rampant and the chances of breaking the record dwindling, everyone was holding their breath to see how Jackson’s turn would go and what they got was a special surprise. A split second after the stopwatch had been started, Jackson presented the judge with a perfectly peeled egg causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Was it magic? Nope! It was Jackson’s genius plan to break the record (and maybe a few rules too)! His plan first began to take shape even before the challenge had officially started as Jackson stealthily peeled an egg and stuck it in his pocket.

With the first part of his plan in motion, Jackson moved on to the next step — finding the perfect accomplice! Cluing Mark and BamBam into his plan, Jackson passed off the egg to BamBam who made sure that he would be in the perfect position to pass it back when the time came.

Although there was no fooling anyone with such a speedy peeling, even the judge couldn’t help but applaud Jackson’s sneaky attempt!

Experience every moment of Jackson’s genius plan as well as plenty more hilarious egg-peeling hilarity below: