GOT7’s Jackson Didn’t Realize How Powerful His Butt Really Was Until He Snapped A Table In Two

He’s got buns of steel:

GOT7‘s games can be pretty unpredictable but no moment was more unpredictable than the moment Jackson literally broke a table with his butt!


GOT7 were recently guests on SBS‘s K-Pop Play where they got up to all sorts of mischief playing games like the hammer and helmet version of rock-paper-scissors. As they battled it out in the game, things took a very unexpected turn when it came time for Yugyeom and Jackson to face off against each other.


With the hammer and pan on the table, Yugyeom and Jackson were ready to attack or defend as they played! As the game went on, Yugyeom continued to duck, dodge, and slide away from Jackson at every round and even had to be dragged back into the game at one point!


But Yugyeom’s escape plans turned out to be the poor table’s downfall! After Yugyeom escaped one more time, Jackson swung his leg over the table and as his butt touched down on the tabletop…well…it was all over for the table!


GOT7 were momentarily rendered speechless as they watched Jackson’s powerful booty knock out the table before complete chaos as they cracked up and tried their hardest to figure out a way to fix the table!


As they realized that the tabletop wasn’t going to be able to slide right back onto the pedestal, Jackson showed off his heart of gold by turning around and issuing a sincere apology for the mishap.


And although the table was broken, JB was able to figure out a way to continue using it for the rest of the game so it luckily wasn’t a completely lost cause for the table!


Check out Jackson and his buns of steel below: