Jackson Thought He Was Safe From Getting Soaked But GOT7 Made Sure That Wasn’t An Option

Jackson thought his game victory meant he was safe…he was wrong!

Just when GOT7‘s Jackson thought he wasn’t going to be the one to get wet in a local fountain in Berlin during  the latest episode of GOT7’s Tourlog, his members made sure there was only one option for Jackson — to get completely soaked!


After a long and wonderful day seeing the sights, exploring the city, and enjoying Berlin, GOT7 were getting ready to head back to their hotel when they spotted some kids having fun at a nearby fountain park and immediately their mischevious brains got to work. What better way to finish off a nice relaxing and fun day in Berlin than to get absolutely soaked, right?


So after letting JB off the hook since he was still recovering from a cold, everyone gathered round to play a game of rock-paper-scissors with the loser ultimately needing to make a run straight through the water.


With Yugyeom losing, it seemed he was going to be the…erm…lucky member who got to experience the fountain. Except, he picked the perfect spot to run through and didn’t get a single drop of water on him! Wanting — no, needing — to see one of their members get completely soaked, GOT7 decided to do another round of rock-paper-scissors.


This time, however, to guarantee someone would get wet, Jackson decided to change up the punishment which may have backfired on Jackson a little. Or, you know, a lot! After Jackson immediately won the game and began celebrating the fact he wasn’t going to get wet, his members changed up the rules and declared the winner to be the one to take a dip in the fountain!

Since we neither get want nor want to get wet, let’s put our face in the water. Like this!

— Jackson


After pleading his case, Jackson still needed to carry out the winning punishment and with one swoop, Jackson found himself getting a big blast of water from the fountain!

I will do it if JB wants me too.

— Jackson


Well, at least he wasn’t the only member who ended up getting wet as their game went! Check out the moment Jackson’s win backfired on him big time, more hilarious fountain fun, and GOT7’s adventures in Berlin below: