GOT7 Jackson’s Thoughtful Gift And Message For His Dad Are The Softest Things You’ll See All Day

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Although GOT7‘s Jackson may not have been able to celebrate his father’s birthday with him in person, Jackson prepared an incredibly thoughtful gift and sweet message for his dad that’s making everyone feel incredibly soft.

Jackson’s dad just took over his wife’s Instagram page so he could share the birthday card and gift he received from Jackson. His dad shared a series of photos that showed him cutely reading Jackson’s card, unwrapping his gift, and sending Jackson a thumbs-up through the camera.

While his dad’s post already had everyone melting, things got even sweeter. The best presents are those that come straight from the heart and Jackson’s certainly did! Jackson had sent his dad an iPad Pro…

All because he didn’t want his dad to hurt his eyes! Commenting under the post, Jackson sent his apologies for not being able to celebrate with them, asked his mom and dad to take care of their health, and shared the heart-warming reason behind his gift!

Even marshmallows don’t have anything on Jackson! He’s the sweetest and softest person ever!