GOT7’s Jackson Took The Internet By Storm As Man Snapped Photos Of Him With Old Phone

Not even outdated tech could stop him from getting pics of Jackson:

While it’s not uncommon for fans to use their phones to take photos or videos, normally those phones are smartphones but one person was so charmed by GOT7‘s Jackson at a recent event, he made do with something a little less technologically advanced.


On December 7, Jackson attended the 2019 Cartier Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony event in Shanghai where he participated in the tree lighting, interacted with fans, and stunned on the carpet portion of the event.


Jackson was so stunning that one person in the crowd couldn’t resist snapping some photos of Jackson even though he had a very old phone. Another fan at the event caught the moment on video as the man snapped photos with an old Nokia push-button cell phone.


The unexpected sight quickly spread online and shortly after it was first uploaded Jackson began trending at no. 21 on Weibo’s hot search with the keywords “Uncle uses Nokia to film Wang Jia Er.” Since then, it’s gone viral all over the world!


Many fans are absolutely loving the sight and can’t help agreeing with the man’s determination to get those pics of Jackson!


It just goes to show that Jackson is so irresistible that everyone wants to capture his charms even if they don’t have the latest smartphone or camera to do it!