GOT7’s Jackson Wang Called The Members To Drink With Him…At 5 AM

Many didn’t realize they missed a call from him until later!

GOT7‘s Youngjae is the latest member to guest on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. Previously, leader Jay B appeared on the show and even helped bring back the everso iconic “super sexy aegyo.”

Host Eric Nam put Youngjae to the test to see just how well he knows the other members by asking him to identify the member based on MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) descriptions.

Eric Nam interviewing Youngjae

While he missed a few here and there, he actually proved to know them better than Eric might have expected. He was able to point out similarities between members who, while not having the exact same MBTI, had a lot of letters in common, such as Mark Tuan and Jinyoung.

Similarly, he mixed up Jackson Wang and BamBam‘s a little bit. Still, there’s no denying their similarities. He was even able to give a recent example.

Youngjae: Their personalities are super alike.

Eric Nam: Right, the two are both outgoing with energy. But both of them are a bit stubborn, right?

Youngjae: Right, they have to do what they want to do…

Eric Nam: Have you been talking to Jackson or BamBam recently?

On his way home from a schedule, Youngjae got a video call from BamBam one night. While he was tired from work, the maknae wanted to hang out!

Recently, BamBam randomly gave me a video call and asked what I was doing. So, I told him that I was on my way home after schedule. He, therefore, asked if I wanted to meet up then, but I was so tired.

— Youngjae

Likewise, Jackson messaged the group chat, asking to do a video call so that they could all drink together like they used to before he had moved to China. There was just one issue…

Jackson also gave us a call recently and asked whether we should all get on a video call and drink together. Since we can’t easily meet due to COVID-19, he was asking to have a drink over a video call with us.

— Youngjae

The distance created a struggle for the group, but the time difference made it even worse. While Jackson wanted to call, it was actually 5 AM in South Korea!

But it was like 5:00 AM in Korea. Nobody saw the call. It was really funny.

— Youngjae

We know Jackson loves a Maotai for a nightcap, but drinking this late at night or early in the morning might be a bit much for the others.

Jackson Wang | Harper’s Bazaar/YouTube

While Jackson and BamBam surely have some similarities, there’s another member Jackson might have some things in common with too. Recently, Jay B called BamBam during his time on KBS Cool FM. BamBam was not pleased with the early morning call.

Time differences are definitely a struggle when staying in touch with friends, but nothing can surely separate GOT7’s bond!

Check out a clip from Daebak Show with Youngjae below to find out the GOT7 members’ personality types:

Source: DIVE Studios Highlights


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