GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Reaction To A Fan Approaching Him To Talk About Their Musical Aspirations Showcases His True Personality

He really is the perfect gentleman!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is known for a variety of things and something that even non-fans are aware of is his kind personality. The “eternal party host” is popular even with western celebrities!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

As of late, Jackson has been chilling in Los Angeles since his massive performance at the 2022 Head in the Clouds Festival. After headlining the festival, Jackson was spotted relaxing while shopping and even attended Mark Tuan‘s album listening party where fans were excited to see the two GOT7 members together again!

Some lucky fans have had the opportunity to encounter Jackson at either an event or while he was out and about. He has been kind enough to take photos with most that ask, but there is one interaction going viral because of Jackson’s sweet demeanor.

In a video posted to TikTok, a fan shared a clip about seeing Jackson while out with their sister eating.  She said that her sister first approached him apologizing for bothering him and for all the people taking photos without his permission. Jackson replied that it was alright, and then asked if there was anything she needed.

In the video, the fan’s sister is clearly emotional while talking to him and Jackson can be seen hugging her as she gets more and more teary-eyed. The fan talked about how Jackson was kind enough to listen to her sister talk about her passion for music and dance. According to the fan, Jackson even told her that he hoped to have her dance with him one day!

Not only was Jackson kind to her, but his staff was as well. The fan said that his team continually checked up on her and made she that she was alright. Fans have been praising Jackson for his kindness on social media, appreciating his genuine care for his fans!

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This sort of interaction only proves the kind of person Jackson is and what his true personality is! Check out the full interaction below.


Met Jackson Wang last night. He is a really nice person. My sister was able to have a conversation with him and even spoke about her passion for music/dance. He gave her advice and even said he hoped one day he can have her dance with him. #jacksonwang #Got7 #wangjiaer @jacksonwang

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