GOT7’s Jackson Wang And EXO’s Kai Both Wore Corsets But Served Different Vibes

They both look too good!

K-Pop fashion is constantly evolving and changing. As time passes, the line between what some would consider “gendered” looks become more blurred, and idols like GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and EXO‘s Kai have taken advantage of that.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Vogue Singapore
EXO’s Kai | Vogue Korea

From rocking mesh shirts…

| Team Wang

…to wearing crop tops, both of these idols have experimented with their looks. These two idols have also worn corsets at different times!


Kai has worn corsets during stage performances, like at EXO’s EXO PLANET#5 – EXplOration concerts in 2019.

The star also wore two corsets in his special film Kai which was shared for his first mini album. The first look was an all-white look with a more traditional-looking corset featuring a sheer flowy shirt for the “Nothing On Me” portion of the video.

| EXO/YouTube
| EXO/YouTube

The second look was all-red, meant to contrast against the white. Both corsets did not have boning to allow him to be able to dance.

| EXO/YouTube
| EXO/YouTube

Jackson wore a corset in the stunning music video for “Blow.” Jackson went full Baroque with the styling for this music video, resembling American band Panic! At The Disco‘s Vaudevillian concept for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. 

| Team Wang/YouTub

This was a different style for Jackson, one that he rocked completely!

| Team Wang/YouTube

Both stars looked great in corsets, but do you have a style you prefer?

Same Fit, Different Vibes

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