GOT7’s Jackson Wang Goes Viral After His Treatment Of Fans During A Meet & Greet Showcases His True Personality

Jackson is always such a gentleman!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has finally released his long-anticipated solo album, MAGIC MAN, and fans around the world are excited about its release!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

In support of his new album, Jackson is currently holding meet and greets around the US where fans have been able to meet the singer and take a photo with him for only the price of buying one album! His first meet and greet took place in Long Beach, California, at a record shop and attracted fans of all ages including Hannah Montana’s Jason Earles!

Despite the instructions only being to take a photo with Jackson, he took the time to make sure he greeted every single fan with a few words and a handshake or hug!

| @teamwang/Instagram

Jackson’s label Team Wang also live streamed the entire event on Instagram for those who could not attend and fans around the world were able to see Jackson’s sweet behavior for themselves.

Fans first noticed Jackson’s kind behavior towards a fan that was using a cane. He took the time to help guide her over to the photo area before gesturing that she take a seat. When the woman sat down, her skirt slightly rose, and Jackson, ever the gentleman, made sure to help her fix the front!

| @teamwang/Instagram

| @teamwang/Instagram

Jackson also helped fix the clothing of several other fans and angled himself so that fans wearing shorter items would not accidentally expose themselves!

Fans were also endeared by Jackson’s behavior towards children during the event!

When a little girl came up for her turn, Jackson took extra care to make sure that she did not fall when she kneeled for the photo near him. After the photo, she handed him a small bear as a gift, and Jackson’s face lit up. He even posed with it as she walked away!

| @teamwang/Instagram

| @teamwang/Instagram

Even after the event, Jackson made sure to let down his window to wave bye to fans as he left in his car and even filmed on his phone! Afterward, he sent out a tweet telling fans to get home from the event safely.

Jackson has more meet and greets planned in New York and Boston and will be sure to show off his kind and sweet personality at those as well!

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