“Hannah Montana” Actor Jason Earles Attends GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Meet And Greet

Fans got to see 2 celebs for the price of 1!

An unexpectant fan appeared at GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s recent fanmeeting!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @teamwangofcl/Twitter

It was none other than actor Jason Earles, known for many Disney Channel classics. His most famous role is Miley’s brother Jackson Stewart in Hannah Montana, of course.

Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart in “Hannah Montana” | Disney Channel

Jackson held a fan sign at Fingerprints Music store in Long Beach, California, following the release of his solo album MAGIC MAN on September 11. He met with fans who purchased the album and took photos.

The fanmeeting was also live broadcasted via Instagram. Many recognized Jason Earles.

Those who tuned in were shocked when they noticed a celebrity attending as a fan.

Jason Earles also had his own fanmeeting outside as fans excitedly recognized him! So, some got to meet two celebrities for the price of one that day.

Still, Jason had attended Jackson’s fansign and waited in line as the rest did, along with his wife, Katie Drysen, and friends.

| @ktacd247/Instagram
| @ktacd247/Instagram

Jason and his wife are actually big K-Pop fans.

They particularly are STAYs (fans of Stray Kids), and she frequently posts about their fandom on social media.

Jason has even shown his love for Stray Kids on the red carpet! Read more below.

“Hannah Montana” Actor Jason Earles Shows Support For Stray Kids Straight From The Red Carpet

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