“Hannah Montana” Actor Jason Earls Shares His Love For Stray Kids And Reveals His Bias

He’s been rooting for them on “Kingdom” too!

Stray Kids has yet another famous fan!

It turns out that actor Jason Earls is 100% a STAY! Most well-known for his role as Miley’s brother Jackson Stewart on Disney Channel‘s Hannah Montana, he responded to the Twitter conversation between actor Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan.

Jason Earls as Jackson Stewart in “Hannah Montana” | Disney Channel

Earls shared that he has been watching Mnet‘s Kingdom and is rooting for Stray Kids. He also revealed that his bias is none other than Felix!

He then responded to another STAY, asking him what his favorite Stray Kids song. He replied with the ever so iconic “God’s Menu.”

Earlier, Earl’s wife had tweeted a response to Hugh Jackman‘s interaction with Stray Kids, attempting to befriend the boys on her husband’s behalf. She said that he recently became a fan of the group.

They may be “Baby STAYs,” as Bang Chan would say, but they know inside jokes within the fandom already too!

We’re anticipating hearing some Hannah Montana songs played in the next episode of Chan’s Room now.

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