GOT7’s Jackson Wang Hilariously Explains Why He Sleeps Naked

His explanation actually makes sense! 😂

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is known to be someone who does not hold back what he is truly thinking. His brutal honesty and transparency have led to some hilarious moments in the past.

In a recent interview with WOODY FM in Thailand, Jackson spoke about how he felt about his recent performance at Rajamangala Stadium during The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022 Opening Show and how he felt about fans coming to see him in the rain.

He also discussed how he felt about GOT7’s recent comeback with “NaNaNa” and explained how special GOT7 is to him.  The group came together from different agencies and from around the world to release their newest album.

When the question of how Jackson is at home and how he relaxes came up, Jackson said that he usually sleeps naked at home! When Woody, the host, described how he enjoys feeling secure in his clothing while he sleeps, Jackson passionately defends his naked and ideal sleeping situation.

| WOODY/YouTube
| WOODY/YouTube

The host then agrees and says “just Free Willy, right?” and Jackson hilariously responds “free woody“, a play on the host’s name. Jackson then explains that the bed has to feel comfortable as well and fears that not sleeping naked would “draw a line” between him and his bed.

| WOODY/YouTube

Jackson and the host then stare at each other for a moment before breaking character and bursting into laughter. While this is a somewhat odd interview topic, Jackson’s character allows for hilarious moments like these to happen!

| WOODY/YouTube


Source: WOODY