GOT7’s Jackson Wang And Kim Jong Kook Hit The Gym Together — And It Was Surprisingly Wholesome

The two of them together. 🔥

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been quite the world traveler as of late! Recently, he took some time from his busy schedule to appear as a guest on Kim Jong Kook‘s YouTube channel, where the two worked out together.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter
Kim Jong Kook | Yonhap/JTBC

Jackson recently released his latest album Magic Man and has been promoting it around the world at events and music festivals. He also just announced his first solo world tour and so far has sold out multiple dates in the countries he has revealed so far. He’s even been announced to be performing at the opening ceremony for the Worlds2022 League of Legends competition alongside American rapper and singer Lil Nas X.

He returned to Korea a few weeks ago to promote his album as well and held several fan meetings during his time there. It seems like Jackson met up with Kim Jong Kook to film for the latter’s YouTube channel and the pair did a full workout together!

This was not the first time the pair have interacted as GOT7 appeared on Running Man back in 2018, where the pair had a jumping battle.

This time around, Jong Kook took charge and led Jackson on a weightlifting routine. The pair moved from machine to machine in the gym and gave fans everything they could have hoped for and more.

The workout session was also surprisingly wholesome, with Jong Kook taking care of Jackson and making sure that he was feeling alright throughout the entire video. It’s nice to see that he was concerned about Jackson injuring himself accidentally.

Even when it got a bit less “wholesome” as the pair began to flash their abs shirtless, Jong Kook had nothing but compliments for Jackson, who was feeling some type of way after seeing Jong Kook shirtless.

In the end, Jong Kook sent Jackson off with good wishes for him and his health! He even said that he’d love to workout with Jackson again the next time the singer has time.

Hopefully, we will get another collaboration from these two in the future! Check out the full video below.


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