GOT7’s Jackson Wang Talks About Vulnerability With Kelly Clarkson

Jackson’s deep insight always inspires others.

GOT7‘s Jackson has always been vulnerable in his songwriting, and by expressing his genuine emotions, his fans easily find him relatable and connect with him deeply. His open and honest personality is a huge reason everyone he comes across cherishes him, and he is constantly encouraging others with his words and actions.

In a digital exclusive for the Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly talked about how she felt she only got through her pain when she shared it. Being vulnerable is always difficult, so she commended Jackson for being so open in his music and on air. For many of the interviews he’s done recently in America, Jackson didn’t hesitate to talk about his struggles, how he felt during those times, and how he overcame them.

Kelly shared that while she was grateful that her music brought her closer to her fans, her vulnerability was for her healing and release. Music was her outlet for her emotions and helpful to her for understanding them fully, and Jackson completely agreed.

He then began to talk about how he used to not believe that talking to somebody would help when he was struggling. Instead, he’d look for solutions, focusing on solving his stress or problems independently. While not a totally wrong approach, since resolving a struggle is important and you don’t want to burden others, the emotional toll that happens can be far greater. And sometimes, the solution that is so hard for you to find is easily found through a loved one.

Now, he’s come to realize the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, loving people and the power of encouraging and comforting words. People were never made to go through their hardships alone, and shared burdens are light on the shoulders of you and your loved ones. Talking with those who care for you also helps give you new perspectives on your struggles.

Talking with someone and being surrounded by a group of positive people is so important, and words are a really powerful tool.

— Jackson

Everyone was listening intently to his words, and with their reactions, it was almost as if Jackson had started a mini therapy session. Kelly Clarkson did say that whenever Jackson talks, she learns something, and she’s right. As an artist and public figure, Jackson has never hesitated to use his platform to share his journey and encourage his fans, making him a beloved role model and friend.

You can watch the full clip below:

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