GOT7’s Jackson And Yugyeom Went The Extra Mile To Help BamBam Perfect His Dance Moves

Their extra help will hit you right in the feels:

A lot of hard work and practice goes into perfecting the choreography for a comeback but when you’ve got amazing and supportive members like GOT7, perfecting all the dance moves is a whole lot easier!


In a recent episode of GOT7 HOTLINE, Ahgase got a behind-the-scenes peek at GOT7’s “You Calling My Name” dance practice including one moment that’s been warming everyone’s heart. In one of their practice sessions, BamBam lost his balance trying to stick the landing during a move with Jackson.


Although none of the members had noticed it at first, after BamBam confessed to the slip, GOT7 watched that part back and couldn’t help laughing over the slight misstep!


Even though they were able to laugh off the mistake, Jackson made sure to let BamBam know it was okay…


Before he and Yugyeom practiced the troublesome move some more with BamBam so he would be able to nail it every time!


And nail it he did! After running through the move, they practiced the choreography to the entire song one more time and this time BamBam’s moves were perfection!


Seeing the show of support, Ahgase have been melting over the incredibly sweet moment.


But that’s GOT7! They’re a true family who support each other through everything! Experience the full heart-melting moment below: