GOT7’s Jackson And Yugyeom Revealed Who Was Responsible For The Door Prop And More In “Poison”

“‘Poison’ is made in GOT7”

GOT7‘s “Poison” performances show a lot of creativity with the genius use of the door, the perfect use of their suits and the heart-fluttering handkerchief moves to name a few.

Through the behind-the-scenes video from GOT7’s time with M2‘s Studio Choom, Jackson and Yugyeom revealed who was responsible for some of the iconic props, ideas, and more from “Poison”!

In between takes, Jackson and Yugyeom talked about some of the special aspects of “Poison” including the use of the door in their choreography. Starting off the conversation, Yugyeom revealed that the idea to use the door had originally come from Jinyoung and Jackson.

Using a door in our choreography was Jinyoung and Jackson’s idea.

— Yugyeom

Yugyeom further pointed out one of the key parts of the choreography that uses the door to make a smooth transition between parts. As he explained the part, he excitedly exclaimed that it had also been Jackson’s idea!

The most important part is when Mark passes through, BamBam comes out (the other side). That was also Jackson’s idea!

— Yugyeom

Jackson, however, didn’t want to take credit for the idea as he revealed just how active all of the members of GOT7 were in making decisions for “Poison”. The ideas for their outfits, choreography, and props were all made by GOT7 themselves!

Nope, um… Since we made all the decisions on this song such as the outfits, ideas, choreography, and props… ‘Poison’ is made in GOT7!

— Jackson

Made by GOT7 and loved by all! Learn what else GOT7 had to say about “Poison” as well as “Not By The Moon” in the video below: