GOT7’s Jay B Was Asked Who His First Love Was… And His Answer Wasn’t What Anyone Expected

Jay B “fell in love” at a young age!

K-Pop idols sometimes give playful answers when talking about their first love, and GOT7‘s Jay B gave quite the answer when talking about his “first love.”

GOT7’s Jay B

When Jinyoung and Jay B guested in Lee Hongki‘s Kiss The Radio, there was a segment where Jinyoung and Jay B tried to guess the answers to various questions about each other. One of the questions Jinyoung got asked about Jay B was when his first love was. Jinyoung guessed that Jay B had his first love when he was 16 years old, but he was wrong.

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Lee Hongki found Jay B’s answer “amazing.” According to Jay B, his first love was when he was born and saw his mother’s eyes!

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Jay B then explained that his mother was holding him and that he was looking straight into her eyes when he was born and that he “of course” fell in love. After the answer got revealed, Jinyoung said that this “could happen.”

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Here’s the full video below!