GOT7’s Jay B Reveals His Shower Habits, And The Hilarious Response From His Neighbors

They can’t be Ahgases!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently appeared in a video for Cosmopolitan where he took part in the unconventional Singing in the Shower segment. During the video, Jay B revealed some serious TMI (too much information) and treated fans to his flawless vocals.

During the video, Jay B revealed that he used to sing a lot in the shower and that most songs were ballads. Whenever he used to sing, he explained that he didn’t really realize how loud he was singing and used to just enjoy singing.

Yet, he recalled one day that he got a visit from his neighbors that changed his unrivaled passion for shower singing.

Suddenly the neighbor upstairs came down and said, ‘Please stop singing.’ They were like, ‘I understand singing in the shower but don’t you get tired of singing all the time?’ And they told me to stop singing.

— Jay B

Yet, although they may have said this, Jay B emphasized that he still sings a lot in the shower. It also seems as if the shower is one of the places where Jay B comes up with some of his best song ideas, adding, “Ideas and melodies will come to mind.

It also seems as if Jay B doesn’t just save his performance skills for on stage! He revealed that, even in the shower, he gives each song his heart.

I just try to be honest. So, if I’m showering and suddenly sad lyrics speak to me, I might cry. If I want to feel cool or something, I will. In the shower even though no one’s there.

— Jay B

Luckily, Jay B didn’t listen to his neighbors too much, because Ahgases might not have had heard some of the group’s and Jay B’s hit tracks. You can watch the whole video below.


Source: Cosmpolitan