GOT7’s Jay B Stuns Fans With His Unreal Looks As VVIP At Exclusive Tiffany & Co. Event

He made it his own fashion runway.

GOT7‘s Jay B attended Tiffany & Co.‘s special event “Yellow is the New Blue,” an exclusive exhibition of jewelry that showcased one of the world’s most rare yellow diamonds. As one of the event’s few celebrity VVIP guests, Jay B left fans stunned with his model-like looks.

| @ellekorea/Instagram

Long-haired Jay B has always been a fan-favorite, so it’s lucky that it’s a look Jay B seems to be comfortable with.

He’s sported his long hair for some time now, showing fans some great looks on his Instagram posts.


But while he normally prefers more comfortable vibes, his sharp look at Tiffany & Co.’s “Yellow is the New Blue” event immediately got him trending on Twitter.

| /Twitter

And for good reason! Jay B managed to strike the perfect balance between his favored comfy vibes and a striking formal attire by wearing a slightly loose-fitting black suit, no tie, and an eye-catching lapel pin.

The pin, along with the ring and the diamond bangle, were all, of course, Tiffany & Co. items.

| @got7scloset/Twitter

Fans were far from disappointed in the look. And perhaps neither was Jay B! He really worked it, showing off some strong modeling skills…

…and fans did not miss it! Many Ahgases were quick to point out how much of a model he looked.

We love a comfy-casual Jay B, but dressed up VVIP Jay B is something else! Though, at the end of the day, Jay B is everyone’s crush no matter what look he goes for.

It will be exciting to see him as a mentor in the upcoming survival show, THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What?, which will produce a new boy group under IST Entertainment. It will give him the opportunity to show his leadership skills and, hopefully, some more sharp looks!

For now fans can bask in the iconic look that was VVIP Jay B at Tiffany & Co.’s exclusive “Yellow is the New Blue” event.