GOT7’s JB Once Found Some “Advice” Online… And It Ended Up Not Working At All

JB just laughed!

The GOT7 members have shared many hilarious stories throughout the years, and JB recently shared a story of how the “advice” he found online didn’t end up working.


JB revealed that he read online that if you cover the top part of bananas with aluminum foil, it will preserve the bananas.

| Def. OFF/YouTube

JB bought a bunch of bananas and covered the tops with aluminum foil. JB was in for a surprise when all his bananas later turned black!

| Def. OFF/YouTube

After JB revealed this, he couldn’t help but laugh.

| Def. OFF/YouTube

When JB initially saw his bananas, he was dumbfounded.

| Def. OFF/YouTube

JB, however, believes that all of this was his fault and that he must have done something wrong with the aluminum foil.

| Def. OFF/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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