GOT7 JB’s Big Broad Shoulders In This New Saint Laurent Video Are Swoon Worthy

He has such a godly physique!

In a new video called “GOT7 JB X SAINT LAURENT 2020 S/S COLLECTION”, fans got to go behind the scenes of GOT7 JB‘s recent adventure in California, for a photoshoot and for the Saint Laurent fashion show.


… and while the fans were already aware that he made everyone drop their UWUs at the fashion show, they can’t help but notice all over again how amazing JB looks in the outfits – especially with his Captain America style big broad shoulders!


JB rocks several different outfits throughout the video – all of which he makes look like a million dollars. But fans are most obsessed with this simple T-shirt look, because his shoulders really pop out. JB is fully showcasing his gorgeously built physique!


Fans know JB has always had nice shoulders. It is, however, a lot more visible and prominent in this video – accentuated by the beautiful outfits he chose to flaunt. Check out how godly he looks from the back, with his strong shoulders and back!


JB looked breathtaking during the photoshoot, and while attending the Saint Laurent Malibu beachside fashion show. There, he wowed the local press with his unique and charming visuals as well.


GOT7 fans are now dying for JB’s official endorsement of the brand as its South Korean ambassador!


Watch the full video here:

Source: THEQOO