GOT7’s JB Turned Into The Shyest Leader Ever When Jackson Wouldn’t Stop Praising Him

Jackson made JB feel extra shy:

GOT7‘s Jackson is one of the biggest Ahgases around. He’s always ready to hype up his team, dish out some encouragement, or warm their hearts with some sweet compliments. Although, Jackson is always just serving up facts whenever he goes full Ahgase mode, sometimes his members feel a little shy receiving so much love from him which is exactly what happened when Jackson wouldn’t stop praising JB!

In an interview with YiZhiYu Withfans, GOT7 were asked to name their favorite song. When it came time for Jackson to reveal his choice, he started listing songs like “Thursday”, “Page”, and “Teenager”.

For me, (I like) “Thursday”, “Page”, “Teenager”, and everything…

— Jackson

As he paused a moment to build suspense after his “and everything” declaration, his members already had a sneaking suspicion where he was going with it. After all, all those songs were JB’s songs! So when Jackson finally revealed the end of his list, he had most of his members cracking up hard.

Jackson: And everything JB makes!

BamBam: Made by JB!

Almost everyone because the person who was receiving all that love from Jackson couldn’t hide his shy and happy smile!

Just look at his reaction!

With Jackson making their Lim leader feel extra soft with his praises, Ahgase have been feeling pretty soft too! Many fans are loving the fact that Jackson once again revealed his JB fanboy side…

While even more fans are simply feeling some major uwu. And really, who wouldn’t? They’re just too sweet!

Source: withfans