GOT7’s JB Completely Fooled Jackson And Yugyeom With A Joke…Twice

Only Yugyeom and Jackson were fooled by JB:

In episode 19 of GOT7 Tourlog, GOT7 were still preparing for their Secret Seven Fanmeeting in Bangkok and with preparations in full swing, they all wanted to know who as doing what for their solo stages. Unbeknownst to Yugyeom and Jackson, however, this topic meant they were about to get trolled by JB big time.


After Jinyoung asked JB what he would be doing for his performance, JB, with the most serious face ever, declared he would be doing a talk show instead of performing!

I should make scripts for the talks. Mine is like a talk show.

— JB


While his answer surprised everyone at first, everyone quickly realized it was a joke…everyone except Jackson and Yugyeom!

Are you sure? Do you talk a lot? You’re not performing at all? Not at all?

— Jackson and Yugyeom


Seeing just how confused Jackson and Yugyeom were by JB’s “talk show,” Jinyoung realized they needed a hint.

Don’t you know JB hyung?

— Jinyoung


While Jinyoung’s hint immediately had Yugyeom’s lightbulb going off, Jackson was still feeling left in the dark. Luckily, Yugyeom was there to tell a very confused Jackson that it was all a joke!

He won’t do that. He will perform. He was joking.

— Yugyeom


While one might think they wouldn’t fall for the same type of joke twice…well…JB with his flawless delivery made sure they did! As they continued on with the topic, Jinyoung wanted to know how many songs JB planned on performing.

JB, how many songs are you going to sing?

— Jinyoung


His answer? 15 songs! The surprisingly large number didn’t fool anyone for a second. Well, except maybe Yugyeom…

Well… 15 songs?

— JB


And Jackson!

He’s joking again!

— Youngjae


Well, with JB’s flawless delivery it’s no wonder he got Jackson and Yugyeom twice! Check out JB pull his prank on them in the video below: