GOT7’s JB Made His Solo Sightseeing Adventures All About Cats

For the love of purr babies!

Spending some time in a gorgeous town in the Netherlands, of course, calls for some sightseeing, but if you’re GOT7‘s JB, some of that sightseeing may have a little (or a lot) to do with cats!


In the latest episode of GOT7’s Tourlog, GOT7 spent time in the gorgeous village of Giethoorn where they spent plenty of time sightseeing along the canal, enjoyed some delicious food in a local cafe, and took some well-deserved rest and relaxation time.


While they had plenty of fun together, when everyone but JB got hungry and decided they needed a snack, he decided to do a little solo sightseeing while they grabbed a bite to eat.


With his camera in hand, JB headed out alone and started off his sightseeing adventures by taking lots of photos around town, snapping flowers, boats, and more…


But as soon as he spotted a cat across the canal, his was 100% laser-focused on the purr baby!  And pretty soon he was trying his hardest to commemorate meeting his new furry friend with a few pictures. When JB was ultimately unable to zoom in enough to get a good photo, he was definitely disappointed.

A cat. A cat. A cat! Oh no… I should have brought a lens that can zoom. I only brought the automatic film camera.

— JB


Luckily for JB, soon enough he had made another feline friend and this time he was able to commemorate his new friendship! Just look at how happy he was about it too!


Well, the cute kitties were a part of the sightseeing after all! Check out more of JB’s cat-filled adventures as well as more Netherland adventures with GOT7 below: