JB’s Reaction To GOT7’s Second “Not By The Moon” Win Is Hitting Everyone Right In The Feels

His reaction is making everyone feel extra soft:

When GOT7 took home their second “Not By The Moon” music show win, JB not only captured everyone’s attention with his reaction to the news but also left everyone feeling more than a little emotional because of it.

On April 30, GOT7 took home their second win when “Not By the Moon” came in no. 1 on M Countdown with 7,830 points.

After the trophy was given to GOT7, the camera focused on Yugyeom who began thanking Ahgase and sharing his heartfelt wish that they could have been there to celebrate with them.

While Yugyeom touched everyone’s heart with his words, he was not the only member that had everyone feeling more than a little emotional. JB, who was standing right next to Yugyeom, caught everyone’s attention as he clasped his hands and looked upwards as Yugyeom talked.

JB’s reaction to the win has been having a big impact on hearts everywhere. Fans are not only feeling all sorts of soft and emotional after witnessing such a sweet reaction but they’re feeling a whole lot of love for him too.

GOT7’s leader truly is precious! You can watch GOT7’s M Countdown performance as well as their win and encore stage below: