GOT7’s JB Once Forgot To Start The Group’s Introduction And Things Got Awkward Fast

It may have been a little awkward but it was hilariously adorable too!

Every idol group has a unique group greeting which allows the group to not only give a quick introduction of themselves but also helps casual K-Pop listeners and new fans easily identify and remember different groups. Not to mention they’re incredibly catchy!

To make sure these greetings are perfectly timed, the group’s leader is normally the one who kicks things off. But what happens if a leader forgets to do so? Well, that’s exactly what GOT7 found out when JB once forgot to start their intro.

During their promotions for “Not By The Moon”, GOT7 appeared as guests on Weekly Idol. As usual, before the show began in full swing, GOT7 was given the opportunity to give their greeting…except it didn’t go quite as planned.

After JB gave a quick count there was nothing but awkward silence as everyone waited for him to say the beginning line of their greeting.

With all that awkward silence reigning supreme in the studio, JB soon turned to find out why there was such a long pause only to hilariously realized what had happened!

Having a pause that long, however, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee didn’t miss the opportunity to tease them.

And after laughing over the situation, JB decided to try once more, and luckily, this time around everything went absolutely perfectly!

It may have been a little awkward but it was also hilariously adorable too and in JB’s defense, it was the group’s first comeback in half a year! Watch the moment in full below: