GOT7’s JB Shares Story Of Time When He And Jackson Fought… Over Some Chicken

There’s a twist at the end!

The GOT7 members are close like family, but they have revealed several times that they’ve fought over some hilarious things, such as when they revealed that Jinyoung and JB once fought over a mat-placement.

During a recent episode of Weekly Idol, JB spoke about the time when he and Jackson fought over some chicken!

GOT7’s Jackson

JB shared that one day, he ordered some fried chicken. However, when he started eating it, Jackson came and asked him why he was eating his food.

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JB was confused and told him that he just ordered the chicken and that it was his. However, Jackson then told him that he left his chicken on the table and that it was his. Not only that, but Jackson also started yelling at JB.

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Once Jackson started yelling at him, JB got a little upset. While listening to the story, Jackson apologized to JB for getting angry at him.

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JB then revealed that they later found out that BamBam was the one that ate Jackson’s chicken, which explained why it disappeared from the table!

| 1stonkpop/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!