GOT7’s JB Tried To Do A Halloween ASMR But The Maknae Line Was Determined To Make Him Fail

They made sure their hyung got to experience some Halloween tricks too!

GOT7‘s Halloween brought plenty of treats for the group, especially with their special Halloween-themed mukbang. Thanks to the maknae line, however, JB also got to experience plenty of Halloween tricks too!


Just like Mark, Jackson, and Jinyoung‘s mukbang, JB, Yugyeom, Youngjae, and BamBam got to enjoy plenty of interesting treats while trying their skills at ASMR.


While the maknae line tried some ASMR first and had things go pretty smoothly, when their hyung took over…well…there was simply no stopping them from starting some mischief! From the moment JB took over, they immediately started teasing him for listening to his own ASMR!


And things just got more chaotic from there! As JB tried to continue his ASMR, they continued to tease mercilessly tease their hyung.


While JB could power through their teasing, he knew his ASMR was done for the moment they increased their volume and made it impossible to continue the quiet broadcast!


JB’s ASMR might have come to an abrupt end thanks to the maknae line’s Halloween tricks, but fans definitely got plenty of treats from their mukbang! You can check out the maknae line’s teasing as well as plenty more ghoulishly good delights below: