IGOT7’s Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry Over JB’s Unlucky Love Confession Stories

Middle school JB wasn’t lucky in love, but now he’s got the hearts of millions!

As the talented, sweet, sexy, cute, and chic leader of GOT7, JB has had plenty of opportunities to steal everyone’s heart and he’s certainly taken them. With JB holding the hearts of millions it’s hard to imagine anyone would be able to resist his charms but apparently, during his school days, JB just wasn’t that lucky in matters of the heart.


When JB and Jinyoung sat down to talk about everything and anything during their GOT2DAY episode, JB brought up the subject of love confessions gone wrong. During his middle school days, JB admitted he’d been rejected many times…

During my school days, I got rejected so many times when I confessed. I did not have any girls who confessed to me. I’m not lying.

— JB


Even when he did the sweetest things for those he liked! JB revealed that one time he had gotten a supersized Pepero to give to his crush on Pepero day. Pepero day is similar to Valentine’s day and involves gifting or exchanging Pepero snacks with the intention of displaying affection.

On Pepero day, during my middle school days, I bought this really big one and I waited in front of a girl’s place.

— JB


Unfortunately for JB, the extra-large Pepero simply wasn’t enough to win her heart.

She came out, I said, ‘I like you,’ and gave her the Pepero. The next day…she said we weren’t a good match.

— JB


When it came to matters of the heart, however, JB wasn’t going to give up! In a different confession, he tried a more direct approach. This time though, his direct confession got deflected to another person!

You know, I liked another girl so I confessed. She said to her friend next to her, ‘Hey, he said he likes you,’ and then she avoided me.

— JB


Hearing JB’s unlucky confession stories, Jinyoung decided to share a bit of a confession story himself.

I heard that she like Chupa Chups so I gave it to her every morning.

— Jinyoung


But Jinyoung’s Chupa Chups gift had JB remembering one more love story that involved some Nesquik powder.

I gave some Nesquik powder once…

— JB


Meanwhile, Ahgase couldn’t believe their ears and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over JB’s stories!


But although middle school JB might have been unlucky in love, now he’s got the hearts of millions! Learn more about JB’s school years, including the story behind his iconic graduation photo in the video below: