GOT7’s JB Busted Out His Aegyo Skills And Youngjae Was So Done With Him

He couldn’t even look at JB!

When it comes to aegyo, GOT7‘s JB has always charmed fans on the special occasions he decides to show off his cute side and sometimes his cuteness has even been a little overwhelming for his members! But when JB broke out his aegyo during a recent episode of GOT2DAY, there was one person that really couldn’t take it!


From the very first second of the new episode, JB went full aegyo mode. He pulled out his finger hearts and sent them flying to Ahgase at home!


Meanwhile, his sudden aegyo attack had Youngjae feeling the second embarrassment hard. He even had a difficult time even watching the aegyo unfold!


In fact, when JB still wouldn’t stop Youngjae literally couldn’t watch! And when he eventually tuned back in, he still wasn’t feeling JB’s cuteness!


Although the moment was brief, Ahgase have simultaneously been falling in love with JB’s unexpected aegyo…


And cracking up hard at Youngjae’s reaction!


Who knows what brought on the sudden aeygo but who cares because we got this amazing moment from it!